European Roulette

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European Roulette Casino Game

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European Roulette Casino Game

If you check out the history of roulette, it has elements in play from different parts of Europe, including France and Italy, which immediately indicates it originates from the continent. And this is in keeping with European Roulette, the subject of today’s review, being the most popular form still to this day.

You have to go back as far as the 1700s if you want to see roulette in action in its earliest guises, and like several other games that went on to be a hit on the casino floor before making the transition into the online world, roulette of all kinds, but primarily European, has stood the test of time.

For many, European Roulette was the go-to at land-based gaming venues because it’s easy to pick up and play. While you can develop a strategy, something we will come onto later, roulette remains a game of chance.

So, you could say this made its move into the online gaming sphere an easy one, with the fast-paced action a perfect fit. And since becoming a popular choice in this setting, European roulette has also become a hit on mobile and as a live game, with the latter akin to what you expect to see at a land-based venue.


As we mentioned above, playing European roulette or any version of roulette is incredibly straightforward. And this is one of the reasons why punters love the game: they don’t have to be experts to enjoy the action and the anticipation. Instead, it’s a casino game that anyone can pick up within a couple of goes.

Much of the traditional how-to-play information relates to the betting rather than the game itself. Players will see numbers ranging from one through to thirty-six. And, because this is European roulette, there will be a single zero. One to thirty-six alternate in red and black, while the zero is green.

The bets that punters will place relate to where they think the roulette ball will stop when the wheel grinds to a halt. So, with that in mind, they will bet on single numbers, groups of numbers, whether it will be red or black, odd or even, zero, and so on.

Once the betting period is over, the wheel will spin, and the round ends when the ball is secure in a position. The dealer, or computer, if you’re playing against the AI, will then finalise any winning wagers before a new game begins.

  • Easy game to pick up
  • Available to play in multiple guises and on many devices
  • The odds on offer are excellent
  • Those house edge in the European version is the best around
  • You can play 24/7
  • Game of chance, so skill has no influence
  • Fast-paced game can lead to quick losses
  • In a live setting, you don’t get much time to place bets
  • It can be addictive
  • Results are random, so no strategies work

Best Casinos To Play European Roulette

Before European roulette made it to land-based casinos, it was popular. It then took over land-based casinos, becoming the game of choice for many. And guess what, the same now applies in the online casino universe. Everyone online casino worth its salt will have roulette available to play, and the European versions will be front and centre, even on American sites. There won’t just be a couple of options either. There will be auto versions and live content.

Punters who want to play some European Roulette, be it on desktop, mobile or tablet, will never have any trouble finding what they’re looking for at the best casinos on the internet. And this also bodes well as many operators are introducing new versions of the game that are built on the solid foundations of European Roulette too, which also means that you’re never going to get bored of playing the same game or style of the game repeatedly.

European roulette’s popularity is of significant benefit across the board for players, especially those who enjoy getting a bit more bang for their buck. Because roulette is such a popular title and one of the primary reasons why many join crypto casinos in the first place, we often see welcome packages and reload offers that will offer perks for the game specifically, with the inclusion of free chips or free spins, for example.

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Roulette is a game you can’t help but like. It’s a fast-paced game that you can drop into for as long as you like, and there is no learning involved or necessary. So, it’s easy to see why it’s become one of the best-loved casino games around, a title we expect it to keep for many years to come.

And, if you enjoy playing roulette, the European version comes with bigger and better odds and a lower house edge. Yes, other variants of the game are fun and exciting. But are they as advantageous? Then, add in one or two of the many bonuses that you can use in conjunction with the game online, and you have a fantastic experience on your hands.

European Roulette Rules

Most of the rules surrounding European roulette will come in the betting stage. And, everything is made easier if you’re playing online or on mobile. Before the game gets underway, there will be a short period allowed for bets to be placed. All wagers must happen during this period because there won’t be an opportunity to modify any bets on the table when the game gets underway.

If you’re playing a live casino version of European roulette, the game’s AI or the live dealer will end the betting period, and the wheel will spin one way and the ball the other. When the ball comes to a halt in one of the thirty-seven slots on the wheel, the result will be announced, with losing bets collected and winning bets paid out.

There isn’t really much more to it than that. Yes, you will hear of other ‘rules’ such as ‘En Prison’, where even-money bets can see a player take half their stake or leave it for the next spin. Or ‘La Partage’, where they will just take half their bet on a zero. But, in the main, the basic rules relate to the betting period and what happens next.

European Roulette Tips

Roulette, be it European or another version, is a game of chance. So, the reality is, there isn’t much you can do to increase your chances of winning in terms of tips and tricks. But, of course, we will always suggest that you play European roulette over others because you are getting better odds and a lower house edge. These are things you want in your favour from the get-go.

Playing online or on mobile is the go-to for most now, and if this is the case for you, always check out promotions and bonuses. Of course, read all the terms and conditions first, especially those relating to wagering conditions, but if a deal is in your favour, it could prove advantageous when playing.

Most tips you will see online will relate to betting and betting strategies. But, it’s hard to see how they can work in a game of chance. The best tip anyone can give, especially with a fast-paced game such as European roulette, is to manage your bankroll and not to get carried away with supposed hot streaks or losing runs. Stay consistent with the wagers you place, and remember the results are random.

Why European Roulette Is So Popular?

European Roulette is accessible in multiple ways and for many reasons, and its popularity is derived from this. You can play European roulette at land-based venues, in betting shops, online, online in live settings and on mobile. If you want to enjoy the game, you can, and you can do so in the way that suits you best. It’s a massive plus and advantage European roulette has over other titles.

European roulette is also a game for everyone. It’s not a casino game where you must spend hours studying rules and strategies. It’s a game of anticipation and excitement, and punters can walk up or log on, and learn on the job, so to speak. Of course, there is then the opportunity to develop a betting strategy if playing regularly appeals.

The social side of European roulette, when playing at a land-based casino or online in a live setting, is a positive too. It’s not player vs dealer, which it will be with other titles, so there is another level to the enjoyment on offer.

The house advantage is 2.63%, which is one of the reasons many opt to play European roulette over other versions.

The thirty-seven divisions are numbers 1-36 and zero.

The great news is that roulette is available to play for free online and on mobile, allowing punters to get to know how the game works.

The returns of single number bets come in at odds of 35/1.

If you are betting red or black, you will return odds of 1/1 or evens.

The difference between European and American version is that the former will have two zeros in play, while the latter has one.

Yes. Most online casinos now have live content available, and European roulette is one of the games on offer.

Sometimes, you can install software to play European roulette online. But in most circumstances, you can play in-browser or via a bespoke app.

Usually, you must be eighteen or over to enjoy European roulette. But sometimes, it will be twenty-one and over.

Usually, you will not have to pay taxes on winnings that come via European Roulette. But it will all depend on where you live.

The Martingale System will not give punters any advantage when playing European roulette.


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