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Craps Casino Game

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Game Provider: Nucleus Gaming


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Paylines: 0

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Type: Table Game

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Volatility: High

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Craps Casino Game

Craps is an example of another classic table game that is popular in many countries around the world, including the US and UK. Playable at land-based, online and mobile casinos, players will make wagers on the outcomes of a roll of a pair of dice, either against each other or against the dealer.

It seems common with table games of this ilk that you have to go back centuries to discover when they first came to life, and in the case of craps, it’s the late 1700s. Again, what you get with craps is another game that has continued to be popular and grow in popularity as time has passed, instead of dropping off the radar altogether.

A significant plus in craps standing the test of time has been its ability to be played in multiple settings and guises. For example, because the game requires little equipment, street craps in informal environments has always been popular. Craps has also shown its ability to move with the times too, making its way from these informal settings to land-based casinos and then transitioning into the online world more recently. Craps really is a game of the ages that millions have enjoyed and continue to do so.


So, craps is a game that will take place on a board, a virtual one for online play, with two dice. Up to twenty players are taking part, with the game moving forward round by round. With each passing round, every player will get a turn at being what is known as the shooter, which means they’re the one rolling the dice. The aim of the game when you’re playing craps is to predict what the value of the dice will be when the shooter makes the roll.

At the start of the game, players will all make bets on the first roll, which is known as the ‘come out roll.’ The bet will be placed on a dice landing on a seven or eleven, which is the pass bet, or a two, three or twelve, which is the don’t pass bet. The round will end if either of these values occur. However, if the value is four, five, six, seven, eight, nine or ten, it will become the ‘point’ that moves the game into its next stage. The rounds and bets continue until a seven, or the point number appears.

  • Readily available to play at most online casinos
  • Fast gameplay
  • Games can include multiple punters providing a competitive edge
  • Craps is perfect for mobile gamers
  • Loads of free versions are available for those who want to learn
  • Some bets in craps will see the casino have a significant house edge
  • Skill doesn’t play much of a role
  • Bad bets can diminish bankrolls fast
  • Craps can look complicated to some because of the betting options
  • Did we mention house edges of over 16%?

Best Casinos To Play Craps Online

If you plan on playing craps online, you’re in luck, as it is a game that will feature amongst a lot of gaming selections at casino sites on the internet. Determining the best casinos to play craps at can be somewhat tricky, though. Our first tip is to find a platform that will let you play for free if you’re new to craps or unsure, as it will give you the opportunity to hone your skills and get to grips with the betting and so on.

You will often find that online casinos will have craps accompanying their table game collections because it offers something different to the masses of blackjack and roulette titles that will naturally populate a selection. And this applies to table games in the traditional sense, as well as in live settings. If an online casino has live versions of craps available to enjoy, they’re arguably the best to go with, as it will have an authentic craps experience up for grabs, rather than playing against the AI.

And, if you didn’t know, craps is usually played with chips rather than casino credits. The great thing about this is that you will regularly see free chip bonus deals on offer at online casinos. And punters can then use these when playing craps.

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Once you get to grips with how craps work, it is an incredibly fun game to play, especially at online casinos. Of course, we recommend playing live versions of craps because this will provide the most authentic craps experience for players to enjoy. And who wouldn’t want to play craps in real-time with a live dealer?

While there are some bets to avoid when at the craps table, there are many that will dramatically reduce the house edge, so it means winning some good-sized prizes is possible. And, if you happen to be playing against other players, you get the competitive edge that is often lacking in other table games at online casinos, so that’s another bonus.

Craps Rules

As with all table games, there are some basic rules to craps that punters must adhere to, and they apply whether a player is enjoying craps online, on mobile or offline. Because you can have up to twenty players involved in a single game, punters must wait their turn to enter a table.

There is also shooter etiquette to be aware of, and this means that if the shooter, who is the roller of the dice, lands the point that ends the game. They will then go on to start the next game as the shooter.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the shooter or not; in craps, if you have chips on the table, all bets will be in play, and they will all count. It’s a point worth noting as some punters believe that bets will only count if they are the person rolling the dice or acting as the shooter, which is not the case.

There are multiple opportunities to place bets when playing craps, which is one of the reasons so many are fans of the game. However, it’s not a free for all, and they can only be placed when invited by the dealer.

Craps Tips

The first port of call for anyone playing craps is to settle on their bankroll. There will be the opportunity to bet on multiple occasions in craps, so knowing what your bankroll is and staying consistent with staking is crucial. As always, don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

There are multiple versions of craps available to play, primarily online, and finding the one that suits you best as a player is the way to go. For example, it may be worth playing a version of craps that you understand the rules of.

Betting limits often apply in craps, with some of them adjustable by players at the table. So, it’s a game that is as perfect for high rollers as it is for those playing to a budget. You should only play at a table where the betting limits suit, or it could quickly see your bankroll diminish.

When you’re playing craps online, there will be an RTP or return to player percentage. On average, the RTP of an online craps game is around 98.64%. So, if you come across a table where the RTP is significantly lower, it’s best to avoid and move on to one with a better return to player.

Why Craps Is So Popular?

Any game that has stood the test of time like craps is popular for a reason, and that’s usually because it’s fun and exciting to play. We’ve recently checked out many table games that all hail from the 1700s and 1800s. They’re all incredibly different, especially when compared to the casino games we’re used to playing today, which is a significant plus.

What also stands out about craps is that you can have a lot of players involved in a single game, which will naturally add a competitive edge and bring tons of excitement to the table. And, while the action is often fast-paced, when you have a few playing, it can really add to the length of the game and make it more of an immersive experience.

Finally, craps is an entirely different style of game to what you often see at online casinos specifically. It’s a game where dice are the all-important component, and what value the dice are rolled at can keep the rounds going, increasing betting opportunities and winning potential.

The best bet you can make in craps is the pass bet.

The house edge is at its lowest when playing a pass bet at 1.40%.

Online craps games use RNG to ensure all results are random and fair?

Mostly, craps is a game of luck. But punters who can work out the odds of specific numbers landing will have a better chance of winning.

Because craps is a game of luck, and RNG is involved, it’s impossible to win all the time.

You can learn to play by reading guides, playing the game, or watching videos.

Some casinos will offer the option to download software to play. However, most craps games will play in-browser.

Craps is a popular game in the US and is available to play at many casinos welcoming players from the country.

Field bets in craps are wagers a punter who has made a line bet can place across various bets on the table.

The standard version of craps is by far the most popular, and this is the type you will find at online casinos.

No, you can’t make a living playing craps, as the house edge will always be in play.


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