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Backgammon Casino Game

4.5 / 5. 2

Game Provider: Nucleus Gaming


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Progressive: N/A

Type: Table Game

Theme: N/A

Volatility: High

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Backgammon Casino Game

Backgammon may not be as popular as other table games out there, but it can more than hold its own in the popularity stakes and has somewhat of a cult following. Again, akin to what we have seen before with games of this style, backgammon has been around for centuries.

You can go back as far as 1646 to find the origins of backgammon, a game that is played on an iconic board featuring twenty-four triangles. A traditional backgammon set includes fifteen checkers, two pairs of dice, dice cups, and a doubling cube. And these sets have had pride of place in the homes of millions for years.

What separates backgammon from other classic table games, especially in the online world, is that there is skill involved. Although luck will play a role, it’s not a game of chance in its entirety, and devising a good strategy will yield better results over the long term.

Backgammon is also a game that can go on for a while. You could say it’s another advantage it has over other table games, with backgammon more like chess than, say, roulette or blackjack.


The backgammon board contains an outer board and an inner board or home board. And the broad objective for the player, through luck and strategy, is to initially get all their checkers to the inner board. From there, they will attempt to bear their checkers off the board, as this will win them the game.

Based on rolls of the dice in play, players will take it in turns to move their checkers through the points. And, unlike other table games that make use of dice, the value of the two dice isn’t cumulative. Instead, they represent separate values, and therefore, moves.

As well as focusing on their own game, player’s must also pay attention and plan for the moves the opposition player makes. They can use blocks for this purpose, as it will impede their rival’s progress, which shows strategy plays a significant role in backgammon.

When a player has all their checkers in on the home part of the board, they can bear their chips off the board completely. The winner will be the first player to remove all their checkers this way. And any wagers made will be paid out to the victor at this point.

  • A game where skill and strategy counts
  • Games often last longer than a couple of minutes
  • Available to play online and offline
  • It’s a game that will get you thinking
  • Online play available 24/7
  • Game could be too slow for some
  • Isn’t as widely available online as other games
  • Online versions don’t have the authenticity that playing offline has
  • Time limits apply online
  • It’s a game that requires some learning

Best Casinos To Play Backgammon

While a lot of people prefer playing backgammon offline for its authenticity and so on, there is a thirst for it in the online world, and many casinos and gaming platforms are on hand to make it available. But, of course, finding the best sites to play backgammon at is crucial.

The best options will have backgammon available to play but in various settings. For example, punters want to be able to play backgammon on the device of their choosing – mobile, tablet or desktop. And, they may want to play versus the AI or in a live setting. Backgammon’s popularity speaks for itself, it’s why gaming operators host it, but it must be accessible to as many people as possible.

The next thing to consider is the betting and if you want to play for money. If playing with money at stake is your thing, it’d be ideal to find a platform that offers welcome bonuses and has regular deals running to give you a bit extra for your money.

If a platform ticks all the boxes mentioned above, it is ideal for playing backgammon online. Of course, it’s not going to be as easy to find these places as, say, if you were looking to play some poker online, but there are still going to be some excellent options available.

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The sign of a good game is arguably one that has really stood the test of time and moved with the times, too. Backgammon fits this billing as it’s been around for centuries and is now a popular online title.

It will, of course, come down to personal preference, but because there is skill involved when playing backgammon, you can get good at it and earn some cash. It may not be as fun to some as spinning the reels of video slots, for example, but they’re based on luck entirely. If you’re playing backgammon, you can influence proceedings in your favour, and this is a big plus and one of the main reasons so many enjoy playing the game in various settings.

Backgammon Rules

Backgammon may seem complicated, primarily to those who have never played before, but it’s a straightforward game once you get to grips with some basic rules. For example, a lot of the rules relate to the moving of checkers. So, for example, you can only move a checker to an open point, and if a player rolls a double, they must play the numbers shown on each of the dice twice.

The next part of the game is hitting and entering, and rules here are things such as any checker a player has on the bar must be moved into the opposing home board next. It’s an obligation of sorts, and it must be carried out, or the player will forfeit their move if it’s not possible.

Bearing off is like being on the home straight. You’re in a position where you can go on to win. However, all the checkers must be on the home board before you can begin. And if an opponent hits a checker during this process, it must be returned to the home board before the bearing off can continue. Other optional rules can apply, but these are the basics that everyone should bear in mind when playing.

Backgammon Tips

Because strategy and skill can play a role in backgammon, players can put loads of tips into action that could enable them to yield better results. We’re going to take a look at a few of the more common strategies, such as ‘The Running Game’, which often proves popular. If you put this strategy to work, you will aim to get your checkers towards your home board as fast as possible. But, the best thing to do is see how the first few rolls of the dice go before pressing ahead with this gung ho strategy.

Some punters prefer to play a game where they also try and impact their opponent’s checkers while moving closer to victory themselves. For example, they could use ‘The Blitz’ strategy, which will see them sending the vulnerable checkers of the opponent to the bar, slowing down their progress while accelerating yourself.

In most cases, it’s best to master the basics of backgammon and then use the tips or strategies that work with where you are in the game or the numbers you’re rolling. Otherwise, you could be pressing on with a system or technique that is entirely ineffective, which is pointless.

Why Backgammon Is So Popular?

It’s easy to say backgammon isn’t as popular as other games out there, but it still has a high degree of popularity, and its more recent rise in the online world is a significant reason for this. We always say a game’s availability and accessibility are crucial in it being of interest to a broader audience, and backgammon is a game for online and offline play, so it ticks these boxes with aplomb.

Players enjoy playing games of chance. There is an anticipation that comes with them that is enjoyable and exciting. However, many will suggest they like being able to put their skills to work if it’s going to garner a better result. And backgammon is a game of skill, with some chance involved, so it’s arguably offering the best of both worlds.

And let’s face it, backgammon offers something different to the norm, especially if it’s being played at an online casino. It’s an excellent change of pace for those who may usually play blackjack, roulette or slots, for example.

Each player will roll the dice once to determine who goes first in backgammon. The one who rolls the highest number will take the first turn.

No. In backgammon, you must play your turn if it’s possible to do so, even if it means you are not playing all your numbers.

You can have as many checkers you like on a point.

A draw or a stalemate can’t occur in backgammon.

The doubling cube is slightly larger than a regular dice and allows for betting in backgammon.

A turn is over when the dice are picked up and rolled.

Some online casinos will have backgammon available to play.

Yes. Some online casinos now have live versions of backgammon available, where the punter will play along against another person in real-time.

Yes, if you place bets when playing backgammon, it is a form of gambling. And the same applies if it is being played in a tournament setting.

If there is no cash involved, anyone can play backgammon. But if there is gambling taking place, players usually must be eighteen or over.

Backgammon is a game that is playable across all devices – mobile, tablet and desktop. And many still opt to play it offline using traditional backgammon sets.


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