Aviator Crash Game

Aviator Crash Game

4.3 / 5. 3

Game Provider: Spribe

RTP: 97%

Reels: 0

Paylines: 0

Progressive: N/A

Type: Crash

Theme: N/A

Volatility: High

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Aviator Crash Game

Considering how quickly the gaming landscape can change, it should be no surprise that content such as Aviator has come to the fore. It’s fair to say that in the last five or so years, things have become very samey, but the intention of Spribe, the creators of Aviator, is to change all that.

Crash Games, of which Aviator is one of the first to hit the scene, are quickly becoming all the rage. Not only do they offer something different to the norm, but they’re innovative in many respects too, and innovation continues to be a buzzword associated with the gaming scene.

Simplicity, as you’ll find out throughout this review, is crucial where gaming is concerned, especially with casino gaming, and it was at the heart of Spribe’s intentions when they developed Aviator. They have made a game for the many, rather than the few, with every step carefully thought out.

In short, players are tasked with placing wagers on a plane that will begin ascending, and they need to cash out before the plane crashes. If they do so successfully, they’ll walk away a winner. If not, their stake will go up in smoke alongside the plane, which nobody wants to happen.

Game Design

We mentioned the word simplicity above, which will be the theme throughout. Aviator is a game where everything is straightforward, including the design. There’s a reason for it too. If a game looks too complex, it may put some people off immediately. However, if it seems simple, more people are likely to give it a whirl.

Everything looks incredibly straightforward regarding what players will see when they load Aviator. The betting controls are easy to understand, with pluses and minuses allowing for stakes to be increased and decreased. The colour scheme is simple but punchy, with reds and blacks as the show’s main stars. And then there is a graph-like look too.

Ideally, what you’re looking for with a casino game’s design is for it to be consistent with the premise. And that’s precisely how Spribe play things. They wanted to create a game with mass appeal, and the way to do that is to keep things straightforward. But not too simple where it’s almost basic. For example, the plane’s animated propeller shows that the development team is always looking to strike a balance.


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Why Aviator Is So Popular?

Spribe’s plan from the beginning was to make Aviator a game that everyone could enjoy. They wanted it to be a simple title that, on loading, isn’t going to put people off because it looks too complicated or anything like that. And it’s what they achieved. When you make a game that has mass appeal and the ability to be popular with many, it often will be.

There’s also been a desire from the outset by Spribe to step away from the norm, and that’s not a slight on other casino games out there, such as video slots and table games. What has often been the case is that the content already available to play has become very similar, but Aviator has come on the scene and bucked the trend. Almost serving a purpose as an alternative, as a game to get stuck into in those moments of monotony.

Aviator is also what many will describe as an excellent pick-up and play title. And while you could say that of video slots and table games, there’s a difference. Each round of Aviator offers punters a chance to win, and usually a good chance too. It’s unlike slots where you could spin a few times and not pick up any prizes at all. And it’s also worth noting that players will be at the heart of the action in Aviator, as they’re the ones determining when it’s time to cash out.

Best Casinos To Play Aviator Crash With Real Money

There are some excellent casinos out there – online, mobile and crypto, and Aviator by Spribe is the type of game that punters will find at all three types. This is immediately a massive plus for players as it puts them in the driving seat in terms of finding the best casinos to play at with real money. Because let’s face it, it will always come down to personal preferences.

A drawback from the outset could be that Aviator being readily available at so many casino sites can make it challenging to determine which one to plump for. However, in our opinion, this is actually an advantage rather than a hindrance. Because the casino world is rife with competition, operators go all out to attract players to their service and retain them as members. And this is where bonuses come into the picture.

Bonuses involving Aviator are likely to come in the form of Aviator free credits and Aviator no deposit bonuses, and it’s possible this will be the case at crypto casinos over the more traditional offerings. But, whichever way you look at it, punters will be getting more value than they initially bargained for and still an opportunity to play Aviator.

And this could be the deciding factor for some in deciding which are the best casinos to play Aviator at. If, for example, a site has Aviator front and centre, and there are bonuses and promotions to use in conjunction with the game, surely it means it’s the best option to go with at the time? Of course, as always, it comes down to personal preference, but Aviator being one of an operator’s top picks, and on a site where there is value for money on tap, you can’t ask for much more than that.

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How To Play Aviator Crash Game

If you’re loading up Aviator, the first thing to note is that you’re not going to be in a position, even as a raw novice, where you’re going to have to learn loads of rules or spend time learning how to play. It’s one of the most straightforward games around, which is why it continues to be so popular.

As with every casino game on the market, the first port of call when playing Aviator is to get a bet or bets in place. We say bets as it’s possible to run with two per round, although because rounds last seconds, it’s wise to consider your bankroll if striking two bets.

When the betting period ends, it’s time to focus on the plane as it begins to ascend. What’s immediately noticeable is that as it ascends, so will a multiplier, which means that potential winnings will also be on the rise. However, this isn’t something that will last forever.

The aim of the game is, of course, to walk away a winner. But you could suggest that a sub-aim is to stay on board as long as possible to pick up the biggest multipliers possible before the plane crashes and burns, along with any active bets in play.

When the time suits the player, they should hit cash out to retrieve their winnings. Time it right, and there will be profit. But, wait too long, and bets will be lost. When returns are settled, a new betting period will begin.

Tips & Tricks

The first tip to note with Aviator is to continually bear in mind that rounds last anywhere between ten and thirty seconds. So, having a good grip on bankroll and wagering is key. Losses can occur quickly because of how fast rounds come and go.

Another tip is to ignore strategies out there, even the Martingale System, because Aviator is a game of chance, and therefore they’re not going to work. It’s a much better idea to play the game, and for the punter to develop a strategy, they’re comfortable with, rather than rely on a wagering plan, for example, which doesn’t take into account rounds last seconds.

  • Easy game to get to grips with;
  • Can place multiple bets per round;
  • Ideal for mobile play;
  • Crypto-friendly;
  • Multiplayer title of sorts.
  • Game will be too simple for some;
  • Doesn’t require much input from the player;
  • Rounds last seconds, which can lead to quick losses;
  • Game of chance, so strategies won’t help;
  • Unpredictability of gameplay can be frustrating.

Spribe released Aviator in 2019 and is still a popular choice today.

You can play Aviator at online, mobile and crypto casinos.

There are demo versions of Aviator available online.

Aviator’s RTP, or return to player, is 97%, which is impressive.

Aviator is available to play at crypto casinos; therefore, you can play with cryptos such as Bitcoin.

Aviator is a provably fair title, with results recorded and unchangeable. Therefore, it’s as safe and genuine as they come.


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