Spooky Adventures Promo Code – Lady Hammer

A cranky old wizard is trying to forge a Philosopher’s stone in his Cauldron. All sorts of cutely creepy things are to become the ingredients for the potion — will you figure out the correct proportions?

The 3 Clown Monty circus might have looked appealing from afar — not anymore, now that you’ve bought the tickets to the show. Those three moody clowns and a chain smoker of a chimpanzee definitely don’t look welcoming! And what are those, bullet holes in the windows?.. The legendary golden idol of the fiery Phoenix bird is hidden deep under the piles of cursed gold in Phoenix Forge. Will you be able to find the sought after artefact and leave the Forge in one piece?

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Game:3 Clown Monty
Free Spins: 100
Dep. Bonus: 200% up to €200
No Deposit: N/A
Bonus Code:PUNCH200
Valid Until: 16.05.2021